Google在官方Blog发表文章列出了他们的所有的Twitter帐号,这应该是现在最全最准确的列表了吧。一共45个帐号,比我们之前收集的30个要多出50%!不过话说这个列表居然把我们谷歌中国的小谷哥哥落下了?不知道小谷哥哥知道后会不会很囧呀。完整列表如下: – our central account – for Blogger fans – user tips & updates – news, tips, tricks on our visual image search – latest headlines via Google News – from our feed reader team – news & notes from Google’s personalized homepage – news of interest to students using Google – for YouTube fans – en Espanol – solutions for IT and workplace productivity

Geo-related 地理相关 – Google SketchUp news – SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse – 3D modeling to build your favorite places – Earth & Maps tools for nonprofits & orgs – uses, tips, mashups -Android app for the night sky

Ads-related 广告相关 – for online publishers – looking out for AdWords questions and tech issues – Google Guide for AdWords Help Forum – insights for website effectiveness – re building display ads – for retail advertisers – for U.K. tech advertisers – for German AdWords customers – for German ad agencies – info for Portuguese-language publishers – AdWords news & tips in Russian – Spanish updates from the Inside AdWords blog – AdWords API tips

Developer & technical 开发者和技术 – from our research scientists – Google Webmaster Central – latest updates for Google developer products – Data APIs provide a standard protocol for reading and writing web data – web apps run on Google infrastructure – our initiative for complete import/export of all data – about using Google Maps embedded in websites – Google’s largest annual developer event

Culture, People 文化,人文 – notes from our @Google speaker series – the voice of Google recruiters

Country or Region 国家和地区
– news from the Google Arabia Blog* – Google activities in Australia & New Zealand – Google in Germany – Latin America (en Espanol) – Notes on Google policy issues in Italy

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